Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to Improve Your Health the Natural Way

Health promotion is the buzz word today as more and more people become proactive in health matters. As result of eating better, exercising more and minimizing stress, many folks have been able to minimize the need for dangerous medications that often cause deadly side effects.

This article will address seven natural steps you can take to improve your health without adding another medication.

Back to Eden

For eons of time, our ancestors promoted health by cooking and preparing locally grown fruits and vegetables that were free of harmful pesticides and chemicals. Such foods were nature's own pharmacy. But, as food is now mass-produced, and profits have become the main objective, we have veered off way off track and are now plagued by chronic ailments of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. What can we do to get back on track?

Shop for locally grown vegetables and fruits. It is a fact that foods that are iced and shipped all over country lose nutrients, particularly vitamin C. (They longer they are off the vine, the more they lose nutritional value).

Also, if you chose to shop at local natural food grocery stores, remember that not all foods need to be organic. Those with thick-skins aren't as vulnerable to pesticides as thin-skinned veggies and fruits.

Avoid MSG and other additives like the plague

Decades ago my mother used to say to me that I should cook my foods myself and stop eating out at restaurants and fast food places. I never knew why, but I can say today that truer words could not have been spoken. We know that foods today are genetically modified, loaded with artificial colors, fats, sweeteners, preservatives, hormones and antibiotics. These things are killing us!

When cooking at home, be careful about the spices that you use in seasoning your foods. Select natural, salt free, MSG free spices. They may cost more but the health benefits are certainly worth it. And, talk about taste? Your meals will dramatically taste better anyway as high sodium seasonings are avoided.

When grocery shopping

To promote personal health and that of your family, take a little time to read the labels on all foods brought into the home. For example, has the meat been injected with hormones and/or antibiotics? Is it free range or have the chickens been cooped up in a pen? It is no secret that such birds in this environment consume their own feces and are often in close quarters with sick animals. Do you want meat like that? Animals that have been raised and fed naturally produce healthier meats, anyway. Further, consider limiting the quantity of meats that your family consumes, particularly beef. This can help reduce lower blood pressure and help with many other conditions such as colon cancer and high cholesterol